Sometimes it's hard to know where to start in the renovation process. We make it easy with our all-encompassing approach: architecture, construction & finish sections. 


First, we meet with you, the owner, to get a general sense of what it is you would like to see accomplished. We take your ideas and put together a comprehensive plan and an initial budget for how to see them come to fruition. 


Our core services include:


  1. Architecture: We will recommend, coordinate and oversee the architect that best suits your needs. We have a wide array of architects with whom we have had great success with in the past. 

  2. Construction: Utilize our sister construction company, Left Field Construction, LLC, to complete the project in a timely manner. The in-house nature of our construction services is a valuable resource that we are proud to offer. 

  3. Finishes: Assist the owner in selecting finishes that best compliment the style and architecture of the house. This can range from countertops, appliances, electrical & plumbing fixtures. We are confident that our tastes are founded on solid design principles that will pass the test of time. 

We are also equipped to handle all of your landscape design needs, saving you the cost and burden of hiring an expensive landscape architect. 


Left Field Design, LLC aims to take the burden off of the home-owner by overseeing and adding value to each step of the renovation process. We are dedicated to designing places that make the most practical sense for those who live in them. We pay acute attention to the smallest design detail, resulting in the home you've always wanted. 

"Beauty in architecture is driven by practicality."  - Peter Zumthor