Memphis Chess Club

Coming soon to the ground floor of Pressbox at 195 Madison Avenue

The Concept:

We are turning the Memphis Chess Club into a premier chess organization that has an official, full-time location for hosting chess tournaments, seminars, simuls and other chess events. The sign above the door will read "Memphis Chess Club", and will have a casual coffee house feel that serves food and beverages to the general public. It will be a place where one can come during the day to grab a cup of coffee or a sandwich and play a game of chess. It will also be the location where serious chess tournaments are played. We will showcase the history of the Memphis Chess Club whenever possible throughout the space, thus making the game of chess and its unique history here in Memphis its chief identity.

Given the historic nature of the Pressbox (click here to read about the building's history), we envision the club having a sophisticated "old-school" feel. See the photos of the actual space as well as conceptual images below:

Design and Feel:

  • long wooden tables with built in chess boards with lamps

  • comfortable, sophisticated, quiet

  • rough, dark wood

  • embrace the history of the club…banners, trophies, score sheets

  • custom millwork

  • re-purposed historic building artifacts



Upstairs use: skittles play, blitz tournaments, studying, coffee and music/event nights

Basement use: serious rated tournaments, chess camps, and meeting space






Chess Forum in Manhattan

This is # 1 model. Very welcoming and always easy to play a game with someone. Very no-nonsense and old-school. Popular amongst chess community.


Others worth studying:

St. Louis Chess Club 

Marshall Chess Club  -  a great, historic club....good model for our basement playing areas.  

The Space:

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195 Madison Avenue | Suite 104 | Memphis, TN  38103 | (901) 334-1849